Interactive psychoanalytic theater «Points of view»
A new format of events, combining theatrical performance, talk shows and psychoanalysis
A series of interactive productions, the purpose of which is to show the viewer a variety of points of view.
We want to achieve a change in the classical patterns of the viewer's thinking through the emergence of a multivariate viewpoint.

Each production is a discussion of a certain emotion experienced by the characters of the drama.
Features of the project
The spectator is an actor
Several spectators will be able to become active participants in the process for one evening, that is, the main actors.

In the first action, the Participant shows the Character how he sees it, that is, according to his patterns of thinking.

In the second action, work on the monologue takes place, that is, the process of transforming the participant's thinking pattern through the transformation of the Character
Dialogue between the Host and the Viewer
The host of the show, psychoanalyst Christina Fostyropulo, in the process of dialogue with the auditorium, will open the point of view of Psychoanalysis on the topics raised in the performance
Monologues will be linked into one linear story.
The author of the idea, director and screenwriter — Regina Ibragimova
Leading show, psychoanalyst - Christina Fostiropulo
Producer — Konstantin Chernyshkov
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