Nonlinear theater production
Night Diaries
based on the letters of Marina Tsvetaeva to Abram Vishnyak, who are intertwined with letters from the novel "Diary of the seducer" by Søren Kierkegaard
Eight stories intertwined in the theatrical performance "Night Diaries" - an ode to love, confessions, refusals, despair, joy.
The peculiarity of the production is the non-linearity of what is happening. Simultaneously, on different scenes, the interweaving of destinies, in close contact with the viewer, will excite the strings of their subtle souls.
The main heroines of our performance are women with different destinies. One has many years of unpromising "office" romance, the other divorses with her husband with a curse, the third suffers from love at a distance, and the fourth one every time believes that this love is the true one.
20 years of life of every woman and different men, in whom they have ever been in love.
According to the idea of performance, viewers could choose any character and after following him could see the next scene of his fate.
A woman who needs attention. Capricious, sensual, loves everything bright. She is very freedom-loving. Her physical sensuality is stronger than the spiritual.

The body is driven by the thirst for freedom, the desire to get rid of all the walls of being. She does want to live without obligations, family values, the probability of having children who will put an end to her career. It is enough for her to live the life in imagination for a couple of seconds and to abandon it.

She is attracted by temperament and passion.

In maturity, the viewer will see the changed and different heroine. She no longer strives for freedom, she aspires to loneliness.

The role of the Body is performed by a graceful, mysterious, very sensual, more like a cat

Svetlana Maltseva

Perceives the world sharply, through the resonance with her own inner world, in which pain is both the cause and the way out of everything. She is convinced of the uniqueness and genius of her man. This condition is the possibility of her love for the object. She demands genius from all her men and does not forgive its absence. A sign of genius is sensuality, this is a special attitude to any touch from the outside. Eroticism for her is akin to stunning. She clearly feels the nature of conflicts. She is afraid of her uniqueness. Pain is the source of all emotions. She always makes me choose: me or all other women, me or another, me or your wife.

Regina Ibragimova

It's intelligence.

We are all used to the idea that a woman is emotion in the first place. Feelings. Experiences.

Racio has collected everything in herself, but through the ability to think through. Correctly evaluate. Weigh. Reasoning. This is a woman who does not lose the ability to analyze, determine causes and effects, who is the authority in her judgments, her opinion is valuable and important for men. And even when she is deeply in love and emotional, experiencing emotions, she is logical and sensible.

Anna Shadrukhina

A girl who seeks harmony in herself and in the world around her.

She is in constant search of herself. Through relationships with men she opens up new facets of her nature. The soul seems easily vulnerable and constantly reflective. But she strongly believes that the answers to all the questions are inside ourselves. They can not be found in logical reasoning, talking and analysis. They can only be felt.

Ruzana Samsonova

Temperamental, has an authoritarian hint, but each time "folds up arms" only before the passion for a woman.

Affected. Although he believes that he has a unique view of the world. At the same time he does not wear masks, prefers to be honest, always to be who he is. He is not afraid to show emotions. Flashy, but quickly calms down when the degree of incandescence changes with the partner.

Oleg Samsonov

Stung in his youth by unrequited love. He erects a wall of freedom that is irresistible to other women. Since childhood he has been addicted, dreamy and trustful. However, he is also vulnerable to insults. Monogamous in everything: in work, hobbies and addictions. Desperate maximalist, ready to sacrifice himself for the sake of a loved one. But once having given his giving soul he could not return it. His winged nature reaches out to strong and independent women. Later he completely loses the child's features, becomes indifferent to another person's pain, sometimes even becomes cruel.

Azat Saetov

Self-centered, temperamental Artist over the years has been unsuccessfully trying to find a woman created by himself in the imagination and his own works.

He grew up in love with art, then began to consider himself as a part of art and thus could love himself. He likes to draw from nature and surround himself with admirers of his talent. He is in love with the image of the woman of his hand, looking for similarities with her in all his passions. He is made up of dualities. Likes spontaneous actions, but is not ready for big changes. He lives with art and search for inspiration, but easily forgets about it for the sake of a new carnal sensations. He loves passionately, looks for the image of a woman, but he can not find her in life, because he is afraid of live and not of the fictitious ones.

Radmir Shayakhmetov
Vadim Khalikov

Indecisive and eternally doubting - the genius of words that, when confronted with reality, transform, acquire a different meaning, and this is precisely the true nature of throwing and endless search.

Unadapted, effeminated in his childhood by feminine attention, imperceptibly loses his will, justifying it with pity and compassion for others. Sometimes he tries to make decisive decisions on his own, but does not have enough strength to defend his point of view. He sends to work, into his novels all his powers and his whole ability to feel. His real life is there. The reality for him is too independent and unpredictable. Relationship with a woman for him is a way to write about it. The cyclic life of the writer is that in a relationship he sympathizes with a woman, but does not love. This causes pain for the woman and himself which, in its turn, again evokes a feeling of compassion for this woman in him.

Danil Nemchinov

Regina Ibragimova
Scriptwriter, director and actress of the performance
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