Nonlinear theater performance
The Master and Margarita
November 21, 2015
A fresh and unorthodox view of Mikhail Bulgakov's immortal novel — non-linear theatrical performance «The Master and Margarita»
Theatrical performance and an exciting game took place on a record large area: a giant "live" stage of 4000 sq. M on 4 floors of the Duvan shopping center, including the Center for Contemporary Art "Clouds".
We offered our "masked guests" to move freely from stage to stage in a huge theater-labyrinth, to visit Patriarch's Ponds, "bad apartment", the ball of Satan or the Roman province. The audience could create their own unique theatrical route.
The original production employs 23 actors who will be reincarnated in the phantasmagoric images of Woland, Azazello, Fagot, Pontius Pilate, Yeshua Ga-Nozri, Marguerite and Master to lead the mysterious labyrinths of the mind of the bewitched eyewitness.
A game of theater or theater in the game ...
21 actor
3 composition
9 runs
Vyacheslav Zavyalov

Bulat Aminov

Vasily Kobelev
Larissa Pidchenko

Karina Polehina
Roman Fomenko
Sergey Rumyantsev
Marina Enikeeva

Kristina Deineko

Natasha Rostovova
Tolya Skibin

Volodya Shoshin

Danil Nemchinov
Vadim Polekhin

Pavel Panov

Vyacheslav Shadrukhin
Alexander Khabirov

Konstantin Vasilyev
Shamil Sattarov

Thomas Mraz
Oleg Samsonov

Stanislav Chiglintsev
Ildus Isanbirdin
Sergey Rumyantsev
Alexey Volkonsky
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